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SO, read this article till the end. Autotune plugins like Antares Autotune 8 are expensive. But do you know, there are many free autotune software VST plugins are available in the market which you can use as an alternative to paid autotune plugins. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we recommended. Read more about Affiliate disclosure here.

There are some criteria which you should consider before choosing an autotune or pitch correction software. These 7 vocal autotune plugins are the result of deep web search and testing. I have researched a lot before choosing these 7 gems for you. Our 1st autotune VST plugin is from the country of the sun. As this is one of the oldest Autotune software plugins, obviously it passed by many quality checks.

On the left side of the KeroVee UI, you find an easy-scaled interface where you can see the real-time reaction of what KeroVee is doing and responding according to your vocals. You also get a note choosing block where you can assign or leave the notes in your scale. To adjust the notes you can press the blocks left to the note. Just above the Analyser block, you will find the scale setting block where you can set the parent scale, major, minor and other settings.

You can route your MIDI signals to use it as a guide. This great function can help you to analyze the notes the singer is using in the song. I really like its nuance feature. This feature helps to keep or change the subtle changes in notes. If you want to change the subtle notes too then you get a Robotic voice. Hence, the term Robo is on one side of the nuance knob. On the other hand, if you want to save the natural vibrato of the singer then you can also use this feature to protect the natural voice and vibrato.

The 3rd feature I really like in this plugin is we can adjust the speed of tuning. The tune speed knob helps us to adjust how fast KeroVee reacts to the incoming audio.

This analyzer helps you to keep eye on every correction it does on the incoming vocal. This keyboard style analyzer is very useful when you correct the note via MIDI. This keyboard also helps you to select and de-select the notes on the scale for fine-tuning and adjusting the autotune. A scale more select knob is given just above the analyzer where you can select the right scale for your song.

Detection section: This section helps you to adjust the input frequencies, Gate and speed of the plugin. Gate is the best feature I like in this plugin. As well as the speed also helps you to make your vocal more natural. Correction section: In this section, you find 4 knobs Threshold, amount, attack and release and the choice to select between MIDI and Manual selection. You will find 4 knobs. Pitch band, Vibrato, Vib speed and Calibrate For adjusting the base frequency.

By this feature, you can easily correct the pitch of vocal by playing the same tune on your MIDI keyboard. You can see the greens and reds in the analyzer are corrected notes and original notes respectively.

You can monitor the correction with the help of the analyzer. You can adjust the amount of effect with the help of these 2 knobs. Gate works just as Gate plugins where you can adjust the effect on the louder or quiet pars, as per your need. If you are finding a full-featured Autotune plugin then go with this.

As well as Graillon 2 has a separate Bitcrusher feature to add the growling effect in your vocal. Graillon 2 has a beautiful vintage look with its large fonts and mild color scheme. There are traditional style knobs with light blue and pink light indicators, a keyboard and a spectrograph make it look more beautiful. Behind the vintage UI a well designed and coded program works which ensure you to get a fully professional output.

Correction Section: This section is located at the bottom of Graillon 2 interface. You get a note selection keyboard and 5 knobs — Inertia, Smooth, Sanap range, Reference, and correction amount. One thing I miss in Graillon 2 is there is no scale selection.

You have to manually select and deselect your notes on the keyboard. The 5 knobs help you to fine-tune with the vocal. Pitch Shift Section: In this section, you will find a big pitch-shifting knob and a small knob to control the amount of formant.

Bitcrusher Section: If you want some cool effect in your voice then use this section. Here you will find 2 knobs. The 1st knob is for quantization and the 2nd one is for adjusting the amount of Bitcrusher effect. Input: You can also tweak your vocals with some panning touch. This section will help you with that. Pitch Tracking Mode: This section has a number of faders, buttons, and knobs.

Here you can track and control the pitch of the input vocal by adjusting the octave, amount of lead vocals, etc. You can also adjust the low cut so that the low frequencies become untouched by this effect. Output: Output section has 2 knobs and 1 fader to adjust the gain, and amount of effect on the channel. Spectrograph: Spectrograph which is at just the middle of the interface, helps you to analyze all the changes which Graillon 2 does with the vocal.

Graillon 2 can be a good choice for experimental projects. Apart from other autotune plugins, you get some extra options to get out an extraordinary mix with any genre. The features provided in premium autotunes are included in MAuto Pitch. A keyboard will show you which notes are selected and which are deselected.

You can manually select them too. A detector is given to analyze the tuning in your vocal. Just the same as Antares premium Autotune plugin, you get these three knobs to fine-tune the vocal. Width adjusts the stereo imaging and formant keeps the sound more original.

You can with these 2 formant knobs to experiment with vocal tone. You also get a limiter to keep your sound below 0dB. A preset load and save feature is given to save your presets for future use. You must try it. Very simple interface.

Whether its scale tuning, note selection, subtle and harsh tuning or other functions it has all these features. This section has all the features of a standard autotune VST plugin. It has LFO quantization feature makes it unique among other free autotune software plugins. If you want an old video game like tone chiptune effect you can also use the LFO feature to generate it.

This section is a part of LFO vibrato where you can warp the formant of the voice to create that chiptune effect. You can also use this feature to create some cool effects. Autotalent has a sampling rate of 48 kHz is 43ms, so you can use it in live performance too.

If you have a better audio interface with low latency monitoring and a fast CPU then you can easily use this plugin in live performances. Just give it a try. Want a demo? Click here. If I want to describe X42 Autotune in one sentence then it is an autotune which corrects the notes without stressing the vocal. X42 Autotune has a modern-looking user interface where you find most of the pitch correction features except formant. This section is used for automatic as well as manual tuning of the vocals.

On the left side of the section, you will find a scale selector to choose the desired scale. There are some knobs given here to fine-tune your vocal. Tuning, Bias, Filter, Corr and offset, these 5 knobs help you to finetune your adjustments to get a perfect pitch correction. You can save preset, reset and bypass the plugin in this section. The lower section has some manual operations where you can use some sidechain features to configure the vocal.

You can select the sidechain input within MIDI and audio. BIAS parameter: What it does is, stay on the current note of the vocal for a longer time instead of moving it fast to the corrected scale. As a result, you get a more natural voice. However, there is a drawback to this feature. Some subtle part of the vocal remains un-corrected if the BIAS is high. Offset Parameter: Offset knobs ensure that how far the vocalist can venture from the predesigned notes. If you want an autotune plugin that keeps the naturality of the vocal after processing then go for X42 Autotune.



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