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How to Speed Up or Slow Down a Video Using Sony Vegas – Best Alternative to Vegas Pro – FilmoraPro

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Step 3. Locate the Playback option and customize the video playing speed there. After you slow down a video on Sony Vegas, you can click the OK button to save the changes. If you need an easy way to change the video playback speed, you can try the powerful Video Converter Ultimate. It is designed with many editing features and tools.

It has a specific Video Speed Controller tool to help you easily fast forward a video, or play a video in slow motion. Whether you want to fast forward or slow down a video, you can free download this best Sony Vegas alternative on your computer. When you open it, you can click the Toolbox and then select the Video Speed Controller. In the new Video Speed Controller window, you can click on the plus button in the central part to add your video. Now you get 10 options to speed up or slow down a video.

To play a video in slow motion, you can select the 0. Step 4. As you can see, this Video Speed Controller is equipped with a built-in media player for you to directly view the changes of the playing speed. When you get your preferred speed, you can choose the right video format from Output , and then click on the Export button to confirm your operation. More than just a popular media player, VLC also carries many useful video editing, converting, and recording features. You can load your video to VLC for playing, click on the top Playback menu, and then choose the Speed option.

Now you can use these options to slow down a video in VLC. On a MacBook, you can use the default video editor, iMovie to edit video and slow down its playback speed. You can open iMovie app on your Mac, create a new project and load your video to it. Drag the video clip to timeline and then highlight it there. Click on the Speed button. Then you can freely slow down a video on your MacBook. YouTube offers a speed feature for you to handily change the video playback speed. While watching a YouTube video, you can click on the playing window to display the Settings button.

Click on it and then select the Playback speed option. After that, you can slow download the playing speed by clicking on 0. This post mainly talked about how to speed up or slow down a video in Sony Vegas. Truth is, you should try the recommended Video Speed Controller if you want to quickly change the video playback speed. How to speed up and slow down in Premiere Pro? How can I change the playback speed in Premiere Pro? Learn how to use Adobe Premiere Pro to slow down the video.

Looking for the best slow-motion video app for your Android device? Here is a top list reviewing the best apps unbiasedly.

Open your video on Vegas pro and then right click on it, go to Properties from drop down menu and the hit Playback option. Here you can edit frame playback rate as per need but note that the software allows you to speed it up by four times as well as slow it down by 0. From next menu you have to select Velocity option. If you want to adjust velocity for whole clip then drag your envelop upside for increment in speed and drag it down for decaying its speed.

If you drag it to zero value then clip will automatically get freeze and a negative value of velocity will run frames in reverse order. For those who wish to edit specific portions of video, double click on video timeline for generating anchor points and speed up or slow down videos accordingly from different parts of video.

Note that: when we slow down or speed up any video with velocity settings then length of clip gets varied automatically and in order to avoid looping you need to adjust it manually.

When you drag the velocity envelop then use Ctrl key to move all settings with fine adjustments. Here is a fast process for executing method 1 where you need to hold the Ctrl key while dragging any end of your video for speeding it up or slowing it down as per need. In order to verify changes applied by you, prefer to use properties and check the playback rate changes over there.

Note that: users can also stack all these methods for creating unique effects. That will end up with 8 times speed up. Once you have made all the required adjustments then save your project file and start editing another one in similar manner. Wondershare Filmora is a famous and easy video editing software that helps the user create videos efficiently. It can also speed up or slow the videos according to your choice. Even it allows you to control the volume. Speed up and down the videos by the settings of video duration in Wondershare Filmora:.

After selecting the duration option, the video’s actual duration is visible, and adjustment is available. You can easily speed up the duration even by entering the value in the field as input. The preview of the video is important for checking the effect of the Speed.

Later, save and export your video. You can adjust the audio speed as well present in the video. If you want to audio to remain as the background sound, then detach the audio.

After detaching, edit the best pitch for your video—double-click on the audio clip in its panel.



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