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Xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance

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Jun 11,  · Go to Settings → Payroll in the main menu. Click on the Pay employees tab. Then, click anywhere on the row containing the Draft Pay Run information. In the next screen, you should see a list of the employees that are included in your pay run. To edit the pay details of an employee, click any field along the row containing the employee’s. Xero unique identifier for the payroll calendar of the employee: UpdatedDateUTC: UTC timestamp of last update to the employee: CreatedDateUTC: UTC timestamp when the employee was created in Xero: EndDate: Employment end date of the employee at the time it was requested: EmploymentType: Employment type of the employee: JobTitle: Job title of the. 6d ago. Brisbane. $50, – $69, – contact Kirsten Marketing & Communications. Marketing Assistants/Coordinators. Work from home, flexible role supporting a busy Sales Director in the investment housing industry, . Dec 10,  · Thanks – this clarifies things. My new client uses Xero payroll & this shows the employment allowance only being deducted on future payments. I use Moneysoft on other clients & it looks as though Moneysoft goes backwards & puts the allowance back against past deductions. Xero appears to be what HMRC say should be done. Feb 07,  · Step 5: Update Employment Allowance. HMRC has revised who is now eligible to claim Employment Allowance from the beginning of the next tax year moving forward. If you still wish to claim the allowance, and meet the new eligibility, you’ll need to update your payroll settings and let us know which industry sector your business falls within.

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A great answer addresses the original question, and might include examples or links to more info. Please follow our discussion guidelines. So it looks like the glitch has been corrected! Hi Louise – that’s helpful, thanks. Fortunately we pay HMRC quarterly so I can wait for another month before paying, by which time the issue will be sorted, hopefully! I haven’t changed any settings in Xero and the “Will you be claiming the Employment Allowance I will contact Xero support and report back here.

Once submitted I had it showing in my HMRC account within 48hrs, for both organisations that I undertook the exercise for. I didn’t have to upload any employee information or monetary amounts or anything. Support – I have a similar issue, didn’t see the new box at the start of the year and Xero automatically deducted EA in month 1 but I now find that HMRC did not deduct it and therefore I have an under payment.

I’m happy that I have now ticked the box and EA allowances will start to deduct but how do I correct month 1 where Xero has allocated the EA deduction?

I do not want xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance resubmit payroll as there was a lot of manual xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance with Furlough payments. Hi all, I’ve found your comments on this very helpful, I’ve downloaded PAYE Basic tools and input the employer information and ticked the box within the Employment allowance tab, but I’m confused as to how I then file something with HMRC to let them know we’re eligible to claim the EA.

I don’t have any other deductions to claim and don’t seem to be able to submit a blank ‘recoverable amounts’ submission. I also would rather avoid having to put in all the employee information particularly as I need to do this xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance 2 separate businesses! Just to let you both know that the Employment Allowance has now been allocated correctly in our Перейти на источник account with only the penalty interest now being shown as outstanding, but that’s a whole different matter!

Thanks for your help Hopefully this is fixed going forward. Thanks for your reply. Hope you get it sorted. I was lucky that the timing was just before the latest EPS submission so I tihnk it was xero where it pulled through.

However, daft question do I need to enter all employee details to correct the EPS’s? Seems a very long winded way of doing things! Thanks in advance Hi, I had similar issues that Xero was saying I had the allowance and was showing it on the P32, however HMRC said that the allowance wasn’t showing their end.

I discovered the issue is in Xero known problem to them. Tick the Yes box – it used to do it automatically but not now. Moira Leslie – thanks for your advice. I think I need to rerun payroll for these 3 months and hope it pushes through. I will chase Xero though. Thank you for your quick продолжение здесь. I dowloaded the tools here sony vegas pro 11 not rendering it worked for me.

Not sure if it will pick up in month 3, maybe ask for Xero’s advice. Hi Everyone, my issue is on mth 1 the EA was shown and deducted the journal was correct but on mth 2 it wasn’t and the journal also didn’t show it. Mth 3 won’t pick it up either.

I have ticked the box in settings etc, can anyone advised on how to fix this please? That worked for me. I’m having the same issues The EPS has been saying yes that the allowance was taken but the settings weren’t set as yes. We are now sorted as far as HMRC is concerned: two months allowance credited in the May month 2 bill. Next problem is getting the corrected amounts to appear 10 control panel free download shortcut windows Xero, as I only re ticked the “claim employment allowance” option after running the May payroll Thanks for all the help,I have just checked my account and its magically all correct!

Hooray one less company to be on hold for to sort out something! Good luck everyone else. Month 2 submission via Xero has been done correctly. So I am going to have to find out how to rectify this issue. Today They said they are having problems with this, and we should be able to see this showing on our HMRC account next week. I raised a ticket and Xero advised me to either roll back to month 1 and redo or download the HMRC tools here.

I dowloaded the tools, then entered the company details and submitted an EPS to claim Employment allowance. I too just received xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance late payment message from HMRC, the employment allowance has not been claimed even though my Month 1 EPS says yes to employment allowance. I’ve had a look and there seems to be more hoops to jump through in Xero which I wasn’t made aware of! We contacted HMRC today, and they confirmed they can see the employment allowance credit in our account even though we still don’t see it.

They said they are having problems with this, and we should be able to see this showing on our account next week. We apologise for any inconvenience caused by this. This is currently being investigated by our Product team. I have now ticked it and await the next EPS with trepidation! Hi, I am having the same issue with the employment allowance, and HMRC has confirmed that as at today, they cannot see xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance on our account and advice to resubmit the EPS.

Has anyone been able to sort it by doing this? Hi Craig. Ah you’ll be all good. The EPS – Employer Xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance Summary is sent just before the deadline so they wouldn’t have know about it until today as its a separate return.

Apologies if I’m asking the obvious. What day was the EPS file submitted? Logged in to our government gateway account today and EA for month one is now showing. I asked support directly which they responded as per my response to Gemma above.

The following day as informed xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance EPS file was sent and yes the reduction for the employment allowance was carried though.

I just wasn’t aware that the files weren’t xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance until close to the deadline. Взято отсюда previously submitted mine at the time of running the payroll. No problem Gemma, strangely enough there is a file that’s been submitted today to HMRC so I’m assuming it will now show correctly in our government gateway.

I made the assumption that the file was submitted the day I posted it. Finger crossed. We also have the same issue as Sally Riley. Completed the tick box in payroll settings and answered the questions. Submitted April payroll as normal with P32 reports showing EA deduction but its not in our government gateway account. I completed the above for our April payroll but it doesn’t seem to have fed it through to the HMRC as they are expecting payment of the employers NI! I’m also confused by this.

I received a letter from HMRC saying that Employment allowance is no longer an automatic entitlement. Ask our community of customers, accountants and bookkeepers. Skip to main content Search icon Search Xero Central. Colin Hailey. Нажмите для деталей do I claim employment allowance?

Log in to answer. Write an answer Add attachement Upload Files Or drop files. Cancel Done. All answers 54 MS. Michael Smith. Louise Wallis. Hopefully everything will magically add up again on the 22nd until the next submission. Skye Chalkly-Maber. Stephen Myatt. Any help or advice would be gratefully received.

Dianne Bookham. Jo Bailey. Moira Leslie – thanks for your insights. It really helped. Moira Leslie. Has this corrected your previous EPS submissions?


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This article is for small businesses who use Xero. To produce payment summaries or lodge a PSAR, complete them before opting in. After this, you can only view or make adjustments. Ask our community of customers, accountants and bookkeepers.

Skip to main content Search icon Search Xero Central. Overview Manage opening balances for payroll when you switch to Xero during the tax year. Pick a scenario that applies to you.

If you move to Xero during the tax year, and you’ve been paying your staff throughout the year, you might need to report your opening balances with Single Touch Payroll STP. Set up Single Touch Payrollthen choose how to deal with employee opening balances based on the scenarios below. Opting in to STP with payment summaries. This xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance on whether you have payment summaries lodged for a previous financial year, either in Xero or with your previous payroll software.

Previous payment summaries lodged outside Xero — You can lodge STP for any previous financial year that has payment summaries lodged outside of Xero, however this might result in double reporting with the ATO. If corrections need to be made to payroll information lodged in your previous payroll software, please make these adjustments in your previous software. In Xero, add details for посмотреть еще employees.

Optional Enter employee opening balances. In the Payroll menu, select Single Touch Payroll. Xero payroll employment allowance – xero payroll employment allowance the menu icon and select STP Settings. Click Save changes. In Xero, add details for active and terminated employees. Enter employee opening balances. Select the Opening Balances tab, then select Year-to-date values were not reported, or were reported as nil amounts.

In Xero, add details for both active and terminated employees. You don’t need to produce summaries or file reports in your previous software. At the end of the year, produce payment summaries and submit a payment summary annual report to the ATO. What’s next? Still have questions? Start a discussion Ask our community of customers, accountants and bookkeepers. Contact Xero support Raise a case with our support team.


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